Welcome to the Movie Restaurant

Have you ever dreamed of dining in an alien spaceship, sitting next to the most famous horror dolls?
Sip beer from the mugs of the Iron Throne, immersed in a fantasy world, while you take a selfie with Goldrake and Mazinga Z?
Excellent cuisine and science fiction pastry are combined with the passion for cinema, comics and animation, to give life to a unique place:
The Movie Restaurant
Reserve your table and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

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What is the Movie Restaurant?

Our VISION is "multi-sensory involvement". Our MISSION is a fusion of food and entertainment.
The Movie Restaurant is a MUSEUM with displays of film statues, full-size replicas, Japanese robots and knights of the zodiac.
The Main feature will be the rotation of the works: this means that every time you will be our guest, you will admire something different.
The Movie Restaurant is a RESTAURANT: homemade egg pasta and Cine-Pastry are the FOCUS of our gastronomic proposal, with a constant and attention to freshness and genuineness of raw materials.


A themed menu from which you can choose appetizers served on Weyland steel plates, egg pasta
made by our chef.
Take a look at our menu!

  • MovieRestaurant

    After leaving your car in the parking lot of Piazzale Hegel the A-team van will take you directly to the hall, making you immerse immediately in an absolutely fantastic world!


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The Movie Restaurant is CINE-PASTRY!!
All our desserts, made on site, are inspired by movies, TV series, and the most famous Japanese anime.
Do you want to taste our chocolate and berry fruit cakes?
Compose, like a chemist, the Heisenberg Cheescake or try the Xeno-Bavarian parachitoid pistachio?
And you can see our cine-pastry at work in real time!
Book your table now!
P.s. We remind you that it is expressly forbidden to introduce in the Movie Restaurant desserts, cakes or anything else coming from outside and not made by us. Please, contact us for any special need, and we'll do our best to meet your requests.
  • Pink Poo Tiramisù
    A poop-shaped dessert!
    Great confectioners, important restaurateurs scandalized only by the idea ... but none of them sees in Pink Poo Tiramisù what we see, right ?!
    A delicate mascarpone cream made with in-the-lab pasteurized egg directly in the laboratory. A savoy biscuit, hand-made by our pastry chef, and soaked in a strawberry wrap, and a sweet layer of strawberry coulis.
    All covered with a thin layer of white chocolate glaze with dark chocolate details. A sweet Pop 80s icon!
  • Heisenberg cheese cake
    "Pastry is the study of substances, but I prefer to see it as the study of changes.
    Type 00 flour ties into a basic biscuit. A sweet cream with the highest fat content and lower protein concentration interacts with a wild berry coulis, changing state into a velvety compound with a unique flavor ... it is growth, then transformation and creation. And it's really fascinating!"
  • The Dark Side Tiramisù
    In a far distant galaxy ...... it's a period of struggle and creativity. Thanks to a secret recipe, the union of the "absolute" egg, pasteurized in the laboratory, with mascarpone, marks the beginning of a new era: the synthesis of the decisive cream.
    A thin shell of dark chocolate contains a biscuit with cocoa of the family of Savoyard, handmade. Soaked in coffee, it becomes the heart of a unique dessert, a producer of worlds.
  • Dead cream with berries
    Hello guest. I want to play a game with you.
    Taste me now.
    They are vanilla-flavored cream, covered with fruit blood and hair suffocated with sugar paste.
    People discover the true meaning of life only in the face of death
  • Dead chocolate cream
    -Do you like horror movies?-
    -Ah Ah-
    -What is your favorite?-
    -I do not know ... yours? -
    -What will I make you live ...-
    ... try looking at the bottom of mirror glaze with the bitter cocoa of vanilla still-life. You'll see my face ...-
    -You're scaring me...-
    -Eat in silence ... who screams dies! -
  • Polyjuice Flame Cream
    Dear magician, we are pleased to inform you that you are entitled to taste the Polyjuice Cream.
    By choosing this option I expect you will appreciate the subtle science that there is in preparing a mixture of such species .:
    egg yolk of Acromantula covered with a layer of Giralazzo flame sugar.
    Oh do not forget your dark chocolate wand at the end of dinner!
  • Bavarian xenon with a parasitic pistachio
    Life form of Bavarian hazelnut with organic parasitic pistachio insert.
    Protect specimen. Absolute precedence.
    Collect samples of cocoa crumble in the base and ensure the return of the dacquoise heart of dried fruit and organic liquid glazed for analysis.
    Any other secondary consideration. Sacrificable crew.

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